Marbella Fishing – Deep/Bottom Trolling

Trolling, not to be confused with trawling, is a method of fishing that works well here on the Costa del Sol and Marbella Fishing’s boats are equipped with all the necessary equipment, fishing tackle and experience to explore this method successfully. The stereo type Big Game Fishing boat if often seen with large poles or rods gracing the rear, these are outriggers which help separate the lines whilst the boat cruises, the more lines that are out and the baits movement through the water gives the impression of a small school of fish, irresistible to any predatory species.

Down-riggers can add a new dimension to trolling by getting the bait or lure down to those fish that inhabit the deep. The principle is to use a weight with a line release clip which is lowered by wire cable. The line is attached to the clip with about 10 to 20 metres of line set to whatever depth you are trolling. The weight is then dropped accurately using the in built depth counter to a depth where you think the fish will be. Using the fish finder in conjunction with the down-rigger pre-determined depths can be fished and adjusted accordingly. When you have a bite the line releases from the clip and you can play the fish directly without obstruction.


Marbella Sea Fishing Trips

The majority of fishing takes place within 4 miles of Puerto Banus, and unlike the Big Game Fishing it only takes around 20 minutes before you are wielding your rod in anticipation of a great catch. Recommended for those that want the best opportunity of catching fish and also perfect for the non fisherman who can spend the day relaxing in the sun on the fore deck.