Marbella Deep Sea Fishing Trips

If you are looking for a half or full day sea fishing experience from Puerto Banus – Marbella or Benalmadena – Fuengirola then Marbella Fishing and its experienced guides offer local sites that have the perfect characteristics that almost guarantee the presence of fish. Rocky and stoney sea beds, clefts and steep slopes ranging from 24 to 145 feet in depth are home to regular Mediterranean species.

A wealth of small fish inhabit these areas with the opportunity of catching Gilthead, Sea Bream, Sea Bass, Snapper, Groupers etc.

The majority of fishing takes place within 4 miles of Puerto Banus or Benalmadena port, and unlike the Big Game Fishing it only takes around 20 minutes before you are wielding your rod in anticipation of a great catch.

Recommended for those that want the best opportunity of catching fish and also perfect for the non fisherman who can spend the day relaxing in the sun on the fore deck.


Marbella Sea Fishing Trips

Big Game Fishing in Marbella is not for the feint hearted or those looking for a casual sea fishing experience. It's not only the opportunity to hook into a monster fish that could drain your energy over the course of a 3-4 hour fight, but the fact that you can spend hours and many trips with no action at all in search of something special.